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On a warm August day in 2009 I hiked with family to Iceberg Lake in Glacier National park. A hike I had enjoyed several times before since Glacier Park is what I refer to as the "backyard of my youth". Growing up in Whitefish, Montana I was extremely fortunate to have this majestic landscape so near and accessible. I most appreciated this privileged upbringing after leaving Montana to live and work in Southern California. Now I embrace each moment, every scent, and all the visual glory Montana has to offer when I return home for a visit. The Iceberg hike in the Many Glacier area of the Park is always a favorite. On this particular day I was armed with my first DSLR camera (a Canon XTi Rebel). I had just gotten bit by the photography bug earlier that year and was eager to see what I could capture with this new glassed eye.

"Ice Flower" is one of the first images I had taken with the camera in such a serene setting. A landscape that would be any photographers dream whether a novice or pro (not sure what discerns the two). As you crest the final hill hiking to Iceberg there is a great anticipation of what the lake will have to offer that time around. Iceberg Lake changes constantly depending on the time of year and temperature of that particular summer. At times the lake will nearly be completely covered with ice and other times there may only be a few pieces floating in the summer sun. At this particular moment the lake only had smaller icebergs floating around on a very GLASSY aqua blue surface. The wind is rarely dead calm on the lake. But on this day it was as still as the rocky peaks that surround the lake. When I reached the lake I walked the shoreline leaving behind the small area where most hikers gather to eat and drink and take in the mind boggling scenery. As I rounded a small bend, disappearing from site, I saw this amazing 3'x3' iceberg floating in the shallows of the lake. Isolated out of site and basking in the dooming sun. The water was crystal clear, revealing the rocks that lay beneath the perfect reflection of this iced gem. It's shape so distinct and captivating like an abstract piece of art that had been carefully molded and chiseled. But in reality, it was shaped by the forces of time and nature. After being part of a much larger glacial mass that existed for thousands of years this piece of art was living out it's last couple of days before becoming part of another mass headed to the Pacific Ocean. A final stand of bravado. Portrayed with beauty and individuality. I was fortunate enough to capture this iceberg in it's finest moment.

 Although quit simple, Ice Flower will always be a favorite image of mine. After all, this iceberg and image ignited my passion to capture the best of what nature has to offer.


Here's a little summertime Montana for all of you buried in snow right about now. I remember the moment I took this shot very clearly. It was one of those very still and quiet Montana mornings in which I just sat there drinking my coffee to the sounds of birds and Swift Current Falls off in the short distance. With the clean crisp smell of pine. A true sense of peace and reality. No colorful clouds or dramatic skies. Just the morning sun illuminating some of the brilliance Montana has to offer.

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