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About Me

A sense of serenity, spirituality, and a pure sense of freedom overcome me when I submerge myself in nature. Each place and moment has it’s own unique effect and lasting influence. Freedom overcome me when I submerge myself in nature. Photography allows me to freeze these moments, giving me the opportunity to reflect upon and share the power of nature’s awesome beauty. My passion for the outdoors was ignited from growing up in the picturesque town of Whitefish, Montana. While playing in the woods, fishing in a quiet stream,or just playing with our dogs in the backyard, nature was always the backdrop to my greatest youthful memories. Although I have moved away from Montana (returning at least once a year to recharge) my desire to spend time outdoors has never faded. Whether standing on a remote beach, in a desolate desert or on a snow covered peak I embrace the challenge of capturing the best of what nature has to offer. Photography gives me a purpose to explore and demands patience to capture those brief magical moments of color & light.
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